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VOLUME 6 - ISSUE 2 - February 2021

  01.   Future for online marketing of Ayurveda Products- A survey
        Mr. Mitta Sekhara Gowd,  Bharath Institute of Higher Education, Chennai, Kalpataru Institute of Technology, 

        Tiptur, Karnataka, India.

        Prof. Dr. Venkatrama Raju.K, Bharath University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. 

        Page No: 1 to 9



02.   Impact of Brandingon Consumer Buying Behaviour A study on FMCG Products.
        Mrs.Sakunthala Rajasekaran, Dr. D. Venkatramaraju, Bharath Institute of Higher Education Bharath Institute of Higher And                        Research Education and Research Chennai-73 Chennai-73 

        Page No: 10 to 14



03.   Virtual Teaching of English Language During COVID-19 Pandemic in Iran:Views and Attitudes

        Mehrdad Younesi, Universidad Técnica de Machala, Aligarh Muslim University, India

        Page No: 15 to 21



04.  Constitutional Reforms in India

        Dr. K Chandrashekhar (Professor), Political Science

        Page No: 22 to 33



05.   A Priority Retrial queue with Bernoulli Vacation, Feedback and Working Breakdowns
        Varalakshmi M, MVJ College of Engineering, Bangalore,Karnataka.
        Rajadurai P,  SrinivasaRamanujan Centre, SASTRA Deemed University, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India.

        Page No: 22 to 33



06.  Gene Expression Data to Recognize Gestational Diabetic in Homo Sapiens
        K. Vimala, Dr.D. Usha,Mother Teresa Women’s University.

        Page No: 48 to 53



07.  Energy Efficient Game Theory Based Attacks Detection for Disaster Management in IoT Networks

        S. Suganthi, Dr. D. Usha Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal.

        Page No: 54 to 73



08.  A Proportional Study of Buying Behaviour of Rural and Urban Consumers: Special Reference to Mobile Phones.

        Mr. PRABHAKARA MURTHY.M and Dr. D. VENKATRAMA RAJU, Bharath Institute of higher Education and Research

        Chennai-600073. India

        Page No: 74 to 87



09.   A Well-Contented Employee is easy to Retain”-A Study of Spinning Division in Textile Industries.
        Ms. Nisha Solanki, FCM, SGT University, Gurugram (Haryana)

        Page No: 88 to 99