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VOLUME 2 - ISSUE I -  2017

1.   The Review Of Transient Stability Between Shunt And Series Facts Controllers

       Poorinima.S, S.Saranya.S, Porkodi.R , Jayasri.N

       V.S.B. Engineering College and technical campus, Coimbatore, India.

       Page No: 1-12


2.    Static Compensator In Power Quality Improvement For Lvts

       S.Sriragavi, M.Sivaram Krishnan, M.Siva Ramkumar

       Assistant Professors in  Sri Krishna College of Technology, Coimbatore, India
       Page No:  12-22


3.    Impact Of Emotional Intelligence And Organisational Success

       Dr. E. Sambasivan(Assistant Professor)
       SRM University, Chennai, Tamilnadu

       Page No: 23-28


4.    A Survey On Iot Based Smart Grid Technology

       T.Aravinth, J.Swathi, V.Rajagopal, V.Kasiviswanathan, P.R.Praveen

       SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore, India

       Page No : 29-36

5.   Design Of Tall Rcc Building With Gust Factor And Pushover Anaylysis On Etabs

      Utikar Avinash Madhukar, Prof. Hamane Ajay

      M. S. Bidve Engineering College, Latur, Maharashtra, India

      Paper NO : 37-40


6.   Effect Of Chip Morphology On Machining Titanium (Ti-6al-4v) Alloy With Uncoated Carbide Inserts

      Using Response Surface Methodology

      Sivakoteswararao.Katta, Dr.G.Chaitanya

       Acharya nagarjuna, university, Guntur, India

      Page No : 41-50


7.   Impact Of Sales Promotion On Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Colour Television: An Empirical Study

      Dr. D.P. Misra*, Dr. S.K. Chaudhury

      F.M. University, Vyasa Vihar, Balasore, Odisha

      Page NO : 51-59


8.   A New Harmonics Elimination Method Applied To A Static Var Compensator

      Ankush A. Kosare

      GNIT Nagpur, Maharashtra, INDIA, RTMN University Nagpur

      Page NO : 60-67


9.   Functions Of Peer Group In Adolescence Life

      T. Selvam

      Assistant Professor in Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, Vellore Dt., Tamil Nadu – 63 601
      Page NO : 68-73


10.  Democratic Decentralization In J&K: Evolution And Challenges

       Sweta Kumari and Irfan Afzal parrah

       School of Law- SRM University – Dept. of Political studies, JNU University

       Page No : 74-80